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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530PM  CBS  March 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. and here we go again, another round of heavy rain right now and we're on flood watch, as rivers and streams begin to rise again and good evening, i'm juliet goodrich and where is the heaviest downpours? >> most of the heavy rain moved through today as you can see, now pushing off to the east and tapering off as it does. we're seeing heavy downpours and let's look at the east bay, moderate to heavy rainfall south of walnut creek and east
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of berkeley and antioch is having heavy downpours and scattered showers on the peninsula and that's moving inland and we take a look near mill valley and marin and most of the north bay, the heaviest rain tapering off and as we move through the next couple of days we'll see more rain and a flash flood watch is in effect for the north bay and potential for mudslides and the russian river is going to crest below flood stage, but still looking pretty close to that flood stage, we'll keep a close eye on this. and kpix5 is where the russian river is rising. >>reporter: compared to last night, we're much closer to the russian river and johnson's
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beach and it began receding at 2:00 this morning. the stream of car and foot traffic on church st. saturday was as steady as the stream of water. >> good thing, there isn't debris in it. >> it's well below flood stage thanks to a dry spell but it sent river water to the edge. >> and further east, this vineyard was covered. >> i think it was about 4 feet deep and the stakes were barely peeking out. >> you just see he vehicles floating, i've seen that before. >> we didn't want to get water in our truck so we turned
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around. >> not just rising water but the soaking causing headaches in sonoma county and driving was impossible here after rain saturated hillsides came tumbling down. >> hopefully it will back down and it will be dry and everything will be all right. >> the russian river is expected to crest once again on monday but it's expected to be below flood stage. the equipment is being put to use, mudslides closed the road in marin county at fairfax and we're told that the land and trees are unstable and there's a threat of slides, it's expected to be closed through tomorrow. >> in the sierra, a winter storm warning in effect and
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snow continues to blanket the region, and roads are a mushy mess and dotted with spun out cars and chains are required and for those willing to brave the roads, the slopes are open. in pacifica, a better look at the a tree that came down on a house. crews cut it up and removed it today but the stump, you can see how big it was. it was over 100-years-old and the tree crushed the house and no one was inside yesterday when it came crashing down. >> it's overwhelming the entire house was covered, you couldn't see the house. it was laying on top of it,the house took the brunt of it, you could barely see paint on the house. >> a couple leases the home and got their cats out alive when
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they came to collect their belongings. >> down the road, demolition cranes ripped apart an apartment building, years of pounding surf ate away the at the cliff, these apartments have been vacant since it was red-tagged several years ago and erosion made it too dangerous for the building to stay. >> this is private property, but we've taken these steps because the property owner didn't act responsibly to shore it up or dedoe get rid of it himself. >> during that time the beach below is closed. >> in other news, police say the victims on a part bus shot refuse to cooperate, it happened at 2:30 this morning on interstate 80 east of the
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bay bridge, a suspect vehicle pulled up next to the bus and opened fire and then sped off. a bullet hit one of the passengers who is being treated for critical injuries. a man is behind bars after a police shootout that left him wounded. officers responded to reports of someone shooting into a 7-11 near fruitdale avenue. they stopped a suspicious vehicle and the driver began shooting a the police. >> the suspect will be booked at the santa clara main jail on three counts of attempted murder of a police officer and other related charges. >> they recovered an assault rifle and no officers were hurt. another police shooting in newark, on thornton avenue.
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they shot the man and the suspect took off but collapsed and later died. still ahead, intriguing discovery by a teenager, the possibility it could be from that missing malaysia airlines jet. >> they come from bernie's crowd. >> the intense backlash over a donald trump rally.
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secret service more trouble for donald trump at a rally near cleveland, secret service swarmed around him after a protester tried to rush the stage, the man was quickly removed from the rally and for a moment, trump looked startled. >> okay, ready? i love you all by the way, i love you all. >> the man was escorted from the rally and his motive is unclear, he is charged with disorderly conduct and incited a riot. >> they're overshadowing the campaign trail as they become more violent and it's led to
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his republican rivals to question whether they'd support him as the nominee. >> a man tried to rush the stage at a rally in ohio saturday, he was forced to cancel an event friday after fights broke out in chicago. >> the chaos spilled into the streets and police made several arrests including cbs journalist. >> there have been other groups of coordinated protests but nothing has massive as what i saw last night. >> he declined to take responsibility. >> they want me to tell me people, please be nice, they're nice. >> instead, he blamed supporters of bernie sanders for instigating it. >> our supporters are, they're responding to a candidate who
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has in fact in many ways encouraged violence. >> his gop rivals criticized the protesters but faulted the billionaire. >> i continue to support the republican nominee, but it's getting harder. >> responsibility begins and ends at the top. >> he has rallies in three states scheduled for sunday. and next tuesday, 358 delegates at stake and the winner take all states of florida and ohio. 691 delegates up for grabs for democrats. a south african teenager discovered part of a wing from a plane and investigators are looking to see if it's part of the missing malaysian flight
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else was hurt. a band of bandits targeting small bay area businesses and getting away clean. >> you can see the crow bar, they mark the spot where two months ago four people walked into her bar and cleaned the cash out of her arcade game. >> one man was sitting at the game with some kind of a bolt cutter or crowbar and others were surrounding him and acting as a look out. >> three men and a woman huddled around it and in full view, you can't see what they're doing but alison said when workers checked the machine they were vandalized and emptied. >> i was angry and concerned about the other businesses in the area that also have gaming machines. >> so she circulated pictures of the four to other bar
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owners. >> it's the same people hitting several different businesses. >> altogether, five bars in oakland and alameda have had their machines emptied and surveillance shows the same people, it's tough to tell what they're doing. >> the mad oak bar said this man surrounded his dart machine with three other people and the bar owner later discovered hundreds of dollars missing from the machine, oakland police said they're investigating, but alison wants to spread the word. >> we need to take action as a community and hope to get arrests in this case. >> in oakland, kpix5. no suspects have been named. target may be going high- tech, working on a secret project called goldfish, it will revolutionize shopping, they said. they're hiring computer engineers to work on this
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secret product. and big incentives for the next big mac, mcdonald's is launching a loyalty-rewards program and build it into their smartphone app, based on the monthly visits and it tracks what you buy, and your preferences. and take a look at that, that's the spiel way, and the lake is full and excess is spilling over and just a couple of weeks ago, it wasn't even full but this is is the sight now, and it looks nice. >> we have rain and the heavier rain falls came through, you can see, high-def doppler, and it was in the north bay and moving south throughout the evening and it's beginning to taper off but we're seeing heavy downpours and we saw
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heavy rain just past through the marina district and mill valley and you saw rain there and these pockets are pushing off towards berkeley and concord and walnut creek and danville seeing moderate to heavy downpours. here's a look at the golden gate and you can see gray skies, current temperatures, 53 and in san jose, 59, and santa rosa 55, and 55 in concord. this is why we're seeing rain, take a look at the jet stream, direct hit and that's ushering in all of that moisture, futurecast shows where we are with that band of showers stretching across the bay area and we continue to see showers overnight and widespread and light rain and rainfall through
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the day tomorrow and especially in the higher elevations and futurecast shows they taper off at 9:00 tomorrow night and then a few lingering showers on monday before we dry out. in terms of rain totals, impressive, over an inch and three-quarters in napa and a close eye on the north bay, nearly an inch more rain could fall in san francisco and a quarter of an inch possible in san jose. going to see more rain and wind, keep in mind gusts of 25 miles per hour and you see even gusts this high although not advisory level, could see damage in terms of downed trees, and these gusty winds keep up through tomorrow and this is sunday at noon, and they'll taper off after that as we move to monday.
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winter storm warning in effect, and we could see snow lowering to 5,000 feet from 2-3 feet of snow and high temperatures tomorrow, 50s and 60s around the rain is almost out of the here sunday and monday tapers off and tuesday dries out and then the latter half of the week, upper 70s and some spots flirting with the 80s. >> and i have to remember to spring forward tomorrow. >> my cousin is taking the kids to see the bunny, i said already? >> what's on tap? >> we have baseball coming up and the first regular season and the warriors are back in action. hear what clay thompson has to say about curry rewriting the history books.
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fastest player to reach 15-hundred 3 pointers and win steph curry is done playing, he may own every 3- point record and tonight he may climb further up the all time list. he broke his own record for 3- pointers and set the new record 2 week ago and this past monday, he was the first player in nba history to surpass 300, 3s, he is ranked 25th all time
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and it's a mark he hopes to reach. >> we got 20 games left and he's got 300. he kind of is changing the game the way we see it, he motivates me. it's remarkable. >> all right, tomorrow the pac- 12 will send them dancing but the bay area will be under represented and the regular season champ is hoping to get in. they knew this was time and the jayhawks leading west virginia by 5 and he fires and he knocks down that 3 to make it 73-65, he was his uncle and he's loving it and the jayhawks win.
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>> the final between seton hall and a 3-point lead, 20 seconds left and the pirates, drivers and gets fouled and gets the friendly roll, and the pirates coach can't believe it, and he's like, yes, free throw gives them the lead and the pirates first big east tournament title since 1993. >> and california matchup, and fresno takes on san diego state and the aztecs are down win but winston tips it in and they get the lead and the bulldogs, he pulls up for it, and the bulldogs win, 68-63 and they're going to the tournament for the first time since 2011. >> in baseball, after a cyst is
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removed, all went well. still in guarantees on when he'll make his first start and jake gave up three runs and they lost to the angels, the other half of the giants took on the diamondbacks and arizona is leading by 4 and he rips a double into left center and scores, and bottom of 9th, parker, this one, goes deep, way deep, off the roof of the lodge and that's his second home run, he has power, let's see if he can get into the big leagues, giants lose, 9-5. >> top of the first inning and all of the the way and that's good for his third of the season.
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next, the rangers keep on scoring and ian has a run and he gives up 3 as the rangers pound the as and this guy has seen sean doolittle beat, and sporting a mighty beard and jordan spieth shot a 76 making a comeback and he rolls in the eagle putt and he has a 67 today and a tie for 9th. >> bill haas chips in and that's good for a birdie. he leads by 1 shot going into sunday. he's leading and you see the golfers clean shaven so that's a new look. >> he's got them all beat, different look on the course. >> thanks for watching back
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here in half an hour. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> axelrod: chaos explodes at trump rallies. a man rushes the stage in ohio. trump supporters clash with demonstrators in chicago. a cbs journalist is handcuffed, charged with resisting arrest. >> i have certainly never seen anything like last night. that was unprecedented. >> axelrod: also tonight, relentless rain has floodwaters rising in the south. a louisiana levee is on the brink. and in the drought-stricken we west, the device designed to make sure when it rains, itt pours. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod, and this is a western edition of the broadcast. ohio and illinois are among the


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